Crinum L.

Perianth tube c. 60 mm long Crinum
Deciduous herb to 1.4 m high neck of underground bulb extending up to 30 cm aboveground. Leaves ≤1 m long, c. 20 cm wide, dying back after flowering. Flowers 5–10 per inflorescence, pink or sometimes white, funnel-shaped, lobes broadly lanceolate c. 10 cm long, c. 4 cm wide. Garden escape. Lower Blue Mts Introd. from S. Africa. Natal Lily Crinum moorei
Tall erect perennial with underground bulb extending to 45 cm above ground. Leaves broad-linear, up to 75 cm long, 20 cm wide. Flowers 10–40 per inflorescence on pedicels usually longer than the ovary, white; trumpet shaped, lobes narrow 4–8 cm long. Coast. Swampy situations. Fl. summer. Swamp Lily Crinum pedunculatum