Daphnandra Benth.

Flowers numerous in a panicle, less than 2 cm diam. Daphnandra
Capsule glabrous, globose, 5–7 mm long. Leaves 6–12 cm long, 1.5–6 cm wide; ovate to elliptic, 7–12 cm long, acuminate, margins deeply serrate except in lower third; veins distinctly raised on upper surface. Illawarra region. RF. Endangered. Fl. spring. Daphnandra johnsonii
Capsule glabrous, urn-shaped, 8–20 mm long. Leaves 6–15 mm long, 1.5–4 mm wide; lanceolate; margins shallowly serrate; veins obscure on upper surface. Far northern parts of region. RF. Fl. spring. Socket Wood Daphnandra apatela