Darwinia Rudge

Staminodes present alternating with the stamens Darwinia
Leaves terete or nearly so; lower surface rounded. Flowers 2–20 per cluster. Bracteoles deciduous, 3–5 mm long. Floral tube 5–7 mm long; ovary c. 1 mm diam., with obscure ridges; style 12–18 mm long
Flowers usually >4 per cluster, apparently arranged irregularly. Erect or rarely decumbent shrubs, not rooting along the branches, up to 2 m high. Coast and adjacent plateaus. Heath. Ss. Fl. winter–spring. Darwinia fascicularis fascicularis
Flowers usually 4 per cluster, arranged in pairs. Decumbent shrubs, often rooting along the branches, up to 60 cm high. Mt Banks to Wentworth Falls. Heath. Ss. Fl. spring Darwinia fascicularisoligantha