Dysphania R.Br.

Perianth usually 3-lobed; stamen solitary Dysphania
Terminal flowers male, perianth segments 3, inflated. Lateral flowers female, perianth segments 3–4, inflated. Prostrate to erect annual or perennial with simple or glandular multicellular hairs. Leaves elliptic 5–10 mm long, petiolate. Stamens 2, styles usually 1. Fruit subglobular. Coastal areas. FL. summer–autumn Dysphania littoralis
Terminal flowers bisexual perianth segments 3, hooded. Lateral flowers female, perianth segments 1–2-hooded. Glabrous annual up to 10 cm high with ascending stems. Leaves obovate to oblong, usually 3–9 mm long; petioles c. twice as long. Flowers in groups, 2–3 mm diam. Stamens 1 or 2. Styles 1–2. Fruit ovoid. Coast and Cumberland Plain. Depressions, on clays or sands; sometimes common on sandy soils after fire. Fl. spring–summer. Red Crumbweed Dysphania glomuliferaglomulifera