Endiandra R.Br.

Berry 18–25 mm diam. Fertile stamens 3. Leaves very finely reticulate on the upper surface Endiandra
Leaves glaucous underneath with prominent domatia at the junction of the midvein and main laterals, elliptic-oblong, 6–12 cm long, up to 5 cm wide, obtuse, very shortly acuminate. Fruit ovoid, c. 30 mm long. Shrub to tall tree. Gosford district. RF. Tick Wood or Rose Walnut Endiandra discolor
Leaves equally green on both surfaces, domatia absent, narrow-ovate to oblong-elliptic, 5–10 cm long, up to 3 cm wide, obtuse or obtusely acuminate. Fruit a globular berry, up to 25 mm long. Shrub or small tree. Coast and adjacent plateaus from Illawarra northwards. RF and gullies on Sandy soil. Corkwood. Endiandra sieberi