Fronds pseudodichotomously branched with dormant apical buds Gleicheniaceae
Ultimate segments usually 1–6 cm long, flat; sori numerous on each segment, mostly in a single row on each side of the midrib. Pinnules of the ultimate branches of the frond undivided
Minor veinlets of the segments once forked, rarely the lowest pair twice or thrice forked. Rhizome clothed with scales. Sporangia 1–6 (mostly 4) in each sorus. Nodes devoid of accessory pinnae. Spores bilateral Sticherus
Minor veinlets of the segments 2–10 times branched, rarely interspersed with a few once forked veinlets. Rhizome clothed with branched hairs. Sporangia 6–12 in each sorus. Nodes usually with a pair of divaricate accessory pinnae which are pectinato-pinnate. Spores tetrahedral in the Australian species Dicranopteris