Marsdenia R.Br.

Corolla not reflexed at anthesis; up to 6 mm diam. Follicle smooth ovoid to elongated. Leaves with glands at base of midvein Marsdenia
Flowers in simple umbels on short peduncles. Corolla ± urceolate or campanulate
Leaves up to 5 times as long as broad
Stigmatic head long, rostrate. Leaves obtusely and usually abruptly acuminate, up to 13 cm long, 2–7 cm wide; ovate to almost orbicular, dark green above, slightly paler underneath; petioles 10–40 mm long. Flowers numerous in dense simple umbels up to 3 cm diam. Corolla c. 6 mm diam., bearded inside below the middle; lobes slightly longer than the tube. Fruit ovoid, acuminate, 5 cm long, 2–4 cm diam. Robust twiner, glabrous or the young growth tomentose. Widespread. In or near RF; also near the sea in sheltered places. Fl. spring–summer Marsdenia rostrata
Stigmatic head narrow, conical. Leaves up to 7 cm long, 6–25 mm wide; oblong-elliptic to lanceolate or ovate, gradually acute or obtuse; petioles 1–4 mm long. Umbels less than 2 cm diam. Corolla lobes bearded inside from the base to the middle or higher. Fruit narrow, 5–10 cm long, up to 1.5 cm diam. Variable in habit but twining when in forests, often a small erect shrub in heath. Widespread. DSF; WSF; heath; RF. Fl. summer Marsdenia suaveolens