Micrantheum Desf.

Leaves in groups of 3 Micrantheum
Stamens 3. Low erect or spreading shrub. Leaves usually linear, 4–8 mm long, spreading. Flowers 2 mm diam. Peduncles filiform, 2 mm long. Capsule elliptic-oblong, 6–7 mm long. Widespread. Heath and DSF. Sandy soils. Fl. spring Micrantheum ericoides
Stamens 6–9. Erect, often tall shrub. Leaves linear to oblong, 10–15 mm long, less spreading than M. ericoides. Perianth segments 4 mm long. Coast and adjacent plateaus. River banks, e.g. Upper George’s River to Berrima. Fl. spring Micrantheum hexandrum