Myrsine L.

Petals connate. Flowers in sessile axillary umbel-like clusters Myrsine
Corolla divided to c. half its length. Flowers 4–5-merous. Leaves usually irregularly toothed, sometimes entire on part of the plant but rarely on the whole, oblanceolate, mostly 3–8 cm long, coriaceous, often shining on the upper surface; petioles 3–7 mm long. Shrub or small tree. Coast and adjacent plateaus. Forests on heavy soils and Ss gullies. Fl. spring–summer. Muttonwood Myrsine variabilis
Corolla divided nearly to the base. Flowers 5-merous. Leaves always entire except the juveniles, elliptic to obovate or broad-oblanceolate, 5–10 cm long, rather thin; the veins further apart than in M. variabilis; petioles mostly more than 7 mm long. Shrub or small tree. Widespread. RF. Fl. spring. Brush Muttonwood Myrsine howittiana