Nassella Desv.

Lemma c. 2 mm long, c. as long as broad, without a corona; awn eccentric, c. 3 cm long. Spikelets 5–8 mm long. Panicle up to 25 cm long, often purplish; the whole panicle detaching at maturity. Leaf blades inrolled, bristly, c. 0.5 mm wide. Densely tufted perennial up to 70 cm high. Widespread in drier pastures, a declared noxious weed. Introd. from S. America. Fl. spring. Serrated Tussock Nassella trichotoma
Lemma 6–10 mm long, much longer than broad, with a fringed corona around the base of the awn; awn bent 2–3 times, up to 9 mm long. Spikelets 14–18 mm long. Panicle up to 40 cm long; the branches breaking up at maturity. Leaf blades flat to slightly inrolled, 2–2.5 mm wide, scabrous. Tufted perennial up to 80 cm high. Widespread. Roadsides. Introd. from S. America Nassella neesiana