Paronychia Mill.

Styles 2 Paronychia
Flower clusters and internodes visible. Sepals equal and deeply hooded, reddish, with an erect awn at the apex. Petals absent. Leaves linear to very narrow-ovate, mucronate, up to 8 mm long, crowded, finely hairy. Widespread. Weed of cultivation. Introd. from S. America. Fl. spring–summer. Chilean Whitlow Wort Paronychia brasiliana
Flower clusters and internodes concealed by leaves and stipules. Sepals unequal and slightly hooded, yellowish-green, apex awned. Petals absent. Leaves elliptic to oblanceolate, mucronate up to 10 mm long, ciliate to appressed pubescent. Not common. Weed of cultivation. Introd. from Chile. Fl. summer. Chile Nailwort Paronychia franciscana