Parsonsia R.Br.

Stamens exserted, cohering into a cone Parsonsia
Corolla hairy at least in the throat or tube
Branchlets and petioles densely pubescent. Undersurface of leaves pubescent with soft brown hairs, sometimes glabrescent with age. Leaves ovate 7–19 cm long, 4–9 cm wide, cordate at the base. Juvenile leaves 2-lobed at base. Flowers in axillary cymes. Corolla c. 4 mm long bearded inside at the base. Fruit 7–16 mm long, c. 10 mm diam. North from Gosford. Rainforest. Fl. spring–summer Parsonsia velutina
Branchlets and petioles glabrous to pubescent. Undersurface of leaves glabrous or minutely pubescent.