Petrophile R.Br. ex Knight

Spikes longer than broad, cone-shaped in fruit. Bracts persistent, woody, opening to release the fruits. Perianth tube splitting to the base Petrophile
Cones axillary, 15–25 mm long, on short peduncles, 10–30 mm long. Perianth and bracts glabrous. Leaves up to 16 cm long; segments spreading but not pungent. Glabrous shrub up to 3 m high. Western Woronora to Robertson Plateau, Blue Mts Heath and DSF. Fl. summer Petrophile pedunculata
Cones terminal (cones may appear axillary due to new growth above fruit), up to 50 mm long, sessile or nearly so. Bracts pubescent at least when young. Perianth silky-pubescent, 12–14 mm long. Leaves 3–10 cm long