Picris L.

Cypsela narrowing gradually into the beak. Leaf hairs 2-fid Picris
Outer involucral bracts usually shorter than longest inner bract by 1/3 or more; in 2–3 row; straight and appressed or outer rows spreading slightly. Peduncles 1–20 cm long, glabrous to densely hairy with 2 hooked hairs and a few 2-fid hairs, 3 hooked hairs sometimes present; hairs 0.5–2 mm long. Peduncle bracts 0–6 near head or rarely spread further apar.t Heads with 20–60 florets; corolla 10–17 mm long. Annual or perennial 7–140 cm high
Flowering heads 1–14 mm long. Achenes 4.5–11 mm long. Coast and ranges. Uncommon. Fl. summer–autumn Picris angustifolia angustifolia
Flowering heads 8–10 mm long. Achene 3–4.5 mm long. Coast and ranges. Occasional. Fl. all year Picris angustifolia carolorum-henricorum