Amphipogon R.Br.

7 species endemic Aust.; all states and territories except Tas.

Amphipogon strictus R.Br.strictus

Spikelets with 1 floret, subsessile, disarticulating above the glumes. Glumes subequal, 4–5 mm long, awnless. Lemmas smaller than the glumes, but with 3 rigid awns exceeding the spikelet (Fig. 50k). Inflorescence a cylindrical spike-like panicle, 2–5 cm long, 1 cm diam. Tufted perennial up to 50 cm high, with short rhizomes. Leaves glabrous, filiform-cylindrical; ligule of hairs. Widespread. Usually on ridges among rocks. Fl. spring–summer, particularly after fire. Grey-beard Grass