Arthropteris J.Sm. ex Hook.f.

4 species native AUST.; Qld, N.S.W.

Epiphytes or climbing ferns. Rhizomes long creeping, solenostelic, clothed with peltate-based scales. Stipes distant, in 2 ranks, articulated to the rhizome by a joint which may be close to or remote from the rhizome. Fronds 1-pinnate. Pinnae articulated to the main rhachis, sometimes very deeply lobed, often with a row of lime-dots near the margin on the upper surface of the lamina. Veins free, forked. Sori superficial, uniserial, orbicular, terminal on the veins, exindusiate or with a reniform-orbicular or orbicular-peltate indusium. Sporangia mixed at maturity; the pedicels long, narrow; the annulus composed of 9–19 thick-walled cells, a 2-celled stomium and 5–8 thin-walled cells. Spores bilateral, oblong or globose, with a broadly winged perispore; the wing often deeply laciniate with curved spines