Burnettia Lindl.

1 species endemic Aust.; NSW, Vic., Tas.

Burnettia cuneata Lindl.

Dwarf, terrestrial herb with small globular tubers. Leaves 1–2, ovate-lanceolate, basal, usually absent at flowering time. Cauline bracts 1–2, loosely clasping. Plant 5–10 cm high. Flowers 2–5, large for the size of the plant. Perianth reddish or purplish-brown outside, white inside, sometimes with conspicuous dark veins. Dorsal sepal 12–15 mm long, broad-lanceolate, concave, hardly hooded; lateral sepals and petals as long as dorsal sepal, not very widely expanding; petals narrower. Labellum sessile, short, undivided, erect at the base, recurved towards the tip, with 2 longitudinal ridges or raised plates broken up into calli above the middle. Column c. 7 mm long, incurved, winged. Anther erect, with 2 pollen sacs; pollinia 2, granular. Usually sandy soils. Uncommon. Fl. autumn. Lizard Orchid