Callitris Vent.

13 species endemic AUST.; all states and territories

Tall shrubs or small trees, ± columnar in shape. Leaves in whorls of 3 (rarely 4 when leaves juvenile), in the young plant free and linear but becoming adherent to, or decurrent on, the internode of the stem or branchlet so that only the scale-like tip of the leaf remains free. Male cones usually terminal, solitary or several together, cylindrical ovoid or obovoid. Female cones on short thick lateral branches on young main stems, with 6 scales in 2 whorls; scales 2–3 mm long, each with several erect ovules at the base. Fruiting cones almost globular, 2–3 cm diam.; the scales hardened, woody. Seeds compressed, hard, winged, usually only a few fertile in each cone.