Corybas Salisb.

Helmet Orchids

20 species in Aust. (19 endemic, 1 native); all states and territories except NT

Dwarf, terrestrial herbs with small globular tubers. Leaf solitary, cordate, ovate or nearly orbicular, usually flat on the ground. Flower solitary, almost sessile or very shortly stalked from the base of the leaf, occasionally rather large relative to the size of the plant. Dorsal sepal and labellum greatly developed; the other segments very small and inconspicuous. Dorsal sepal narrow at the base, becoming broad and hooded towards the apex. Lateral sepals linear, small. Labellum ± tubular towards the base, expanding into a broad concave lamina with variously fringed or entire margins. Column short and stout, occasionally winged; pollinia 4, granular or mealy. Stem often extensively elongating after fertilization of the ovary.