Dipodium R.Br.

Hyacinth Orchids

11 species in Aust. (10 endemic, 1 native); all states and territories

Terrestrial, saprophytic herb leafless, but the stems with loosely imbricate sheathing bracts at the base. Flowers in a terminal raceme on a long scape, often numerous and showy, usually spotted. Sepals and petals nearly equal, free, spreading. Labellum sessile, semi-terete, adnate to the column at its base and then ± gibbous, 3-lobed; the lateral lobes rather small; the middle lobe longer, usually oblong-ovate, pubescent near the apex. Column erect, semi-cylindrical, with sinuate or dentate membranous margins. Anther operculate; pollinia 2; deeply bilobed or in 4 pairs; caudicle present.