Enteropogon Nees

5 species native Aust.; all states and territories except Tas.

Enteropogon acicularis (Lindl.) Lazarides

Spikelets solitary, with 1 bisexual floret and 1–2 sterile or male ones above it, disarticulating above the glumes. Glumes unequal, membranous. Lower lemma up to 9 mm long, with an awn 10–20 mm long. Paleas usually absent. Inflorescence with 7–22 digitate spikes, each 8–17 cm long. Leaf blades up to 4 mm wide. Culms usually branched. Tufted perennials up to 60 cm high. Grasslands. Cumberland Plain, possibly introd. from arid parts of the state. Fl. summer. Windmill Grass