Helichrysum elatum A.Cunn. ex DC.

Leaves 20–40 mm wide, up to 10 cm long, lanceolate to ovate-lanceolate; the uppermost ones glabrous or with sparse tufts of wool. Heads solitary or loosely paniculate. Involucre hemispherical, 3–4 cm diam.; bracts narrow, petal-like. Florets very numerous, less than half as long as the involucre. Cypselas glabrous or papillose, 2–3 mm long. Pappus hairs 6–10 mm long, shortly cohering at the base. Perennial herb or small shrub up to 2 m high, clothed with cottony hairs. Widespread. Tall forests especially on better soils. Fl. spring. White Paper Daisy