Hemarthria R.Br.

1 species native Aust.; all sates and territories except NT

Hemarthria uncinata R.Br.var.uncinata

Spikelets half embedded in the rhachis, in pairs, the “pedicellate” spikelet becoming sessile through the fusion of its pedicel with the rhachis (terminal spikelet truly pedicellate), “pedicellate” spikelet above the sessile spikelet on the same side of the rhachis. Spikelets with 1 bisexual floret and a sterile lemma below it (Fig. 47 h). Glumes 7–8 mm long, awnless those on the pedicellate spikelet narrower than those on the sessile spikelet. Lemmas smaller than the glumes, membranous. Infloresence spike-like, up to 15 cm long, cylindrical in outline, with the spikelets opposite or alternate; spathe usually present. Decumbent perennial with long thin rhizomes. Culms ascending up to 40 cm high. Leaves glabrous; blades up to 15 cm long, 2–4 mm wide; ligule of short membranous hairs. Coasts of Hawkesbury River; Blue Mts; Hornsby Plateau. Wet places. Fl. summer. Mat Grass