Hierochloe R.Br.

4 species native Aust.; NSW, Qld., Vic., Tas.

Hierochloe rariflora Hook.f.

Spikelets with 1 terminal bisexual floret and 2 males below it, disarticulating above the glumes, on fine pedicels. Glumes 5–6 mm long, subequal, enclosing the florets, awnless. Sterile lemmas 4–5 mm long, finely awned from the back close to the tip; fertile lemma 4–5 mm long, awnless. Inflorescence a loose panicle. Perennial up to c. 1 m high. Leaf blades 3–8 mm wide; ligule membranous. Moist places at higher altitudes. Fl. winter–spring. Scented Holy Grass