Hyparrhenia Fourn.

3 species in Aust. (1 native, 2 naturalized); all states and territories except Tas.

Hyparrhenia hirta (L.) Stapf

Tufted perennial herb to 1.2 m high. Ligule scarious and minutely toothed. Blade 2–3 mm wide, ± glaucous. Racemes enclosed by spathes. Spikelets in pairs. Fertile spikelet sessile, 4–6 mm long; lower glume 9–11-nerved, upper glume 3-nerved; lemmas 2, fertile lemma 2.5–4.5 mm long with 2 short lobes, awn geniculate 15–35 mm long; palea absent or minute. Pedicellate spikelet male, 4–7 mm long, hairy. Roadsides, woodland or grassland. Introd. Medit. Fl. summer