Imperata Cirillo

1 species native Aust.; all states and territories

Imperata cylindrica P.Beauv.

Spikelets with 1 bisexual floret and a sterile lemma below it, all alike, in pairs, disarticulating below the glumes; one shortly pedicellate; the other on a long pedicel. Glumes thin, 3–4 mm long, subulate, with long silky hairs arising from the base. Lemma hyaline, awnless. Stamens 1–2. Style dark-coloured, conspicuous. Inflorescence a dense spike-like panicle 8–20 cm long, densely silky hairy with long hairs surrounding the spikelets. Stiff, erect perennial with deeply buried pungent pointed wiry rhizomes. Usually glabrous. Leaf blades 50–80 cm long, 5–10 mm wide, scabrous; ligule of hairs. Usually on deep soils (sands or clays); often common after fire. Fl. spring–summer. Blady Grass