Ischaemum L.

10 species in Aust. (9 native, 1 naturalized); Qld, NSW, NT, WA

Ischaemum australe R.Br.australe

Erect to decumbent perennial herb to 1.2 m high. Ligule membranous 2 mm long with ciliate margin. Blade 3–5 mm wide. Inflorescence digitate sometimes appearing spike like, with 2 or more appressed racemes held erect. Spikelets in pairs 6–10 mm long, 1 sessile the other pedicellate. Sessile spikelet with glumes subequal, lower one shiny and 7-nerved; 1–2 florets the lower one male, upper one bisexual or female, awn on fertile lemma 8–10 mm long and slightly twisted near base. Pedicellate spikelet similar to sessile spikelet or male with a shorter awn. Coastal. Deporporate soils or swampy areas. Fl. summer