Joycea H.P.Linder

3 species endemic Aust.; NSW, Vic., S.A.

Joycea pallida (R.Br.) H.P.Linder

Spikelets with 2–6 florets, 8–20 mm long, flattened, disarticulating above the glumes. Glumes equal, longer than the lemmas. Lemmas 2-lobed with the lobes shortly awned, usually with scattered hairs on the back, with a basal hairy callous; central awn between the lobes, bent and twisted near the base, longer than the lateral awns. Densely tufted perennials up to 1.2 m high, sometimes purplish. Panicle loose, spreading, lanceolate in outline, 8–35 (usually 10–20) cm long. Chiefly Blue Mts Poor, usually sandy soils. Fl. summer. Red-anther Wallaby Grass