Leptopteris C.Presl

2 species endemic AUST.; Qld, N.S.W.

Leptopteris fraseri (Hook. & Grev.) C.Presl

Subarborescent ferns usually under 1m high, rarely up to 3 m high; caudex or rhizome 0.2–1 m high. Stipes not winged by an extension of the lamina, 20–45 cm long, 3–4 mm broad near the middle, often glaucous, tomentose, with light ferruginous, floccose hairs, winged at the base by 2 dark red-brown (later cartilaginous) stipular extensions. Main rhachis clothed with floccose hairs. Fronds 2-pinnate to 2-pinnate-pinnatifid, narrowly elliptic to elliptic; the juvenile fronds broadly ovate-deltoid to narrowly ovate-deltoid. Primary pinnae 8–30 pairs, opposite or almost so. Ultimate segments often bifid or trifid. Widespread. RF in rocky mountain gullies, usually in caves and often near waterfalls, always in very moist conditions