Lindsaea Dryand. ex Sm.

Wedge Ferns

15 species native AUST.; all states and territories

Mostly small terrestrial ferns (as in the 4 species below) but some species epiphytic. Rhizome long- or short-creeping, usually protostelic (in a modified form), clothed with scales which are narrow, chestnut, composed of 2–4 rows of thick-walled cells and intermixed with bristle-like scales. Stipes not articulated to the rhizome. Fronds mostly 1-pinnate to pinnately decompound, rarely simple. Pinnae or pinnules glabrous, usually thin, flabellate or dimidiate or cuneate; the basiscopic edge much thickened. Veins free and dichotomously flabellate or laxly reticulate. Sori almost marginal (Fig. 16) or intramarginal, terminal on the veins, usually one to each ultimate segment but sometimes continuous along the margin of the frond, mostly on the upper and outer margins of the segments. Indusium attached at the base, opening towards the margin of the segment (Fig. 16). Sporangia usually 130–200 µm long, with narrow pedicels; the annulus straight or slightly oblique, interrupted, including 9–14 thick-walled cells. Spores tetrahedral or bilateral, without a perispore.