Lyperanthus R.Br.

3 species endemic Aust.; all states and territories except NT

Lyperanthus suaveolens R.Br.

Terrestrial herbs 18–44 cm high, with ovoid or globular tubers. Basal leaf solitary, linear, erect, coriaceous, 12–26 cm long. Plant Cauline bracts 1–3. Flowers in a terminal raceme, 2–6, with large bracts. Perianth red-brown to yellow-green. Dorsal sepal 20 mm long, incurved and hooded, ± deflexed towards the tip. Lateral sepals c. as long as but narrower than the dorsal sepal, erect or spreading; petals similar. Labellum much shorter, sessile or almost so, 3-lobed near the base, ± papillose; the lamina with calli, sometimes ridged. Middle lobe of the labellum entire. Column incurved, c. as long as the labellum, sometimes obscurely winged. Anther erect with 2 sacs; pollinia 2 or 4, granular or mealy. Coast. Fl. Aug.–Oct. Brown Beaks