Microlaena R.Br.

2 species native Aust.; all states and territories except NT

Spikelets with 1 terminal bisexual floret and 2 sterile lemmas below it, up to 3 cm long, disarticulating above the glumes, on filiform pedicels, in a loose panicle up to 20 cm long (Fig. 49 e). Glumes less than 1 mm long, persistent, separated from the sterile lemmas and subtending tufts of hairs. Sterile lemmas rigid, with subulate terminal awns; fertile lemmas less than 1 cm long. Palea shorter than the fertile lemmas. Stamens 4. Erect, tufted perennials up to 1 m high. Leaf blades flat, glabrous or slightly hairy; ligule membranous. Ricegrass.