Notochloe Domin

1 species endemic Aust.; NSW

Notochloe microdon (Benth.) Domin

Spikelets with 8–14 bisexual florets, disarticulating above the glumes, 2 cm long, 3–5 mm wide. Glumes awnless, glabrous. Lemmas like the glumes but slightly larger and with 3 minute terminal awns, the longest c. 1 mm long. Inflorescence a short panicle 6–10 cm long, usually with 5–6 spikelets. Tufted perennial 30–50 cm high. Leaf blades flat or inrolled, glabrous, c. 30 cm long, 2–3 mm wide; ligule of minute papillae. Blue Mts Swamps