Pellaea Link

6 species native AUST.; Qld, N.S.W., Vic., Tas.

Small terrestrial ferns usually growing amongst rocks. Rhizome short and thick or shortly to long-creeping, solenostelic, densely clothed with narrow, non-peltate scales. Stipes wiry, often black or dark brown, mostly glossy, densely scaly in many species, not articulated to the rhizome. Lamina 1-pinnate in the Australian species, otherwise decompound, palmate or pedate, mostly glabrous, otherwise inconspicuously pubescent or with a few scales. Pinnae usually with persistent petiolules articulated to the segments, uniform, mostly coriaceous and entire. Veins hidden or inconspicuous, free and forked in the Australian species or sometimes anastomosing. Sori marginal, at first distinct, later forming a linear or oblong band, borne on the unconnected vein-tips, protected by a false indusium i.e. the continuous, reflexed margin. Paraphyses usually absent. Sporangia with a vertical, incomplete annulus composed of 14–20 thick-walled cells and c. 6–8 thin-walled cells. Spores globoso-tetrahedral, spiny in the Australian species, otherwise smooth or verrucose or reticulate-spiny.