4 gen., S.E. Asia and Aust.

Philydrum Banks ex Gaertn.

1 species native Aust.; Qld, NSW, Vic., NT, WA

Philydrum lanuginosum (Banks & Sol.) Gaertn.

Erect, perennial, aquatic herb, slightly woolly-hairy, up to 1 m high. Leaves sword-shaped, 20–60 cm long, mostly basal but passing gradually upward into smaller floral leaves and bracts. Flowers in a simple or branched spike, sessile in the axil of a leafy acuminate bract. Perianth segments 4, yellow, free, in 2 whorls; the outer ones c. 12 mm long; the inner ones shorter. Stamen 1. Ovary superior, 3-locular; placentas axile. Fruit an oblong capsule, 3-valved, c. 12 mm long. Widespread. Near water. Fl. summer. Frogmouth