Pinus L.

19 species naturalized AUST.; all states and territories except N.T.

Monoecious, evergreen trees producing new branches in regular whorls. Bark rough or scaly. Shoots of two kinds: ordinary long shoots bearing scale leaves without chlorophyll; short shoots borne in the axils of the scale-leaves and with a definite number (2, 3 or 5) of green needle-like leaves surrounded by sheathing scale-leaves at the base, the short shoot not growing further and finally falling off as a whole. Male cones replacing short shoots at the base of a new year's growth; sporophylls each with 2 microsporangia on the lower surface. Female cones replacing long shoots and taking 1–2 years to ripen; ovuliferous scales each producing 2 ovules on the upper surface. Ripe cones woody. Seed winged.