Piptatherum P.Beauv.

1 species naturalized Aust.; NSW, Vic., Tas., S.A., WA

*Piptatherum miliacea (L.) Coss.

Spikelets with 1 floret, 3–4 mm long, disarticulating above the glumes. Glumes subequal, 3–4 mm long, membranous, subulate. Lemma coriaceous, shorter than the glumes, with a fine caducous awn. Inflorescence a very open panicle 30–40 cm long. Glabrous perennial c. 1 m high, with rigid culms. Leaf blades 5–7 mm wide, c. 30 cm long; ligule membranous, lobed. Roadsides; cultivated as an ornamental. Introd. from the Mediterranean. Fl. summer. Rice Millet