Rhizanthella R.S.Rogers

2 species endemic Aust.; Qld, NSW, WA

Rhizanthella slateri (Rupp) M.A.Clem. & P.J.Cribb

Subterranean saprophyte with fleshy rhizomes up to 15 cm long, clothed with imbricate scaly bracts. Flowers 15–30 in terminal heads. Perianth segments free. Dorsal sepal 5–8 mm long, concave. Lateral sepals 8–12 mm long, acuminate. Petals acute, 4–6 mm long. Labellum ovate, papillose, dark reddish-purple. Column 4–6 mm long, with 3-fid appendages level with the rostellum. Flowers pollinated and fertilized below the ground. The fruits are pushed to the surface where the seeds are dispersed. Coast; Blue Mts Vulnerable. Fl. Oct.–Nov. Underground Orchid