Rhodamnia Jack

13 species in Aust.; (12 endemic, 1 native) Qld, NSW

Rhodamnia rubescens (Benth.) Miq.

Tall shrub or small tree with pubescent branches. Leaves opposite, lanceolate to ovate-oblong, up to 12 cm long, acuminate, entire, distinctly 3-veined, laterale veins transverse. Flowers c. 1 cm diam, arranged in axillary cymes. Floral tube c. 3 mm long. Sepals and petals 4–5, white. Stamens numerous, free, arranged in several whorls. Ovary 1-locular with several ovules inserted on 2 parietal placentas; stigma scarcely peltate. Fruit a berry, 6 mm diam. Coast and adjacent plateaus. RF. Fl. summer