Shrubs, mallees or trees. Leaves without stipules, opposite or alternate, simple, usually entire, dotted with pellucid oil glands which may be obscure, usually aromatic, without stipules. Flowers axillary, solitary or in cymes or umbels, or terminal in spikes, racemes or panicles. Floral tube adnate to the ovary and usually continued above the ovary summit. Sepals and petals 4–5, free above the floral tube or cohering to form a calyptra. Stamens 5–numerous, free or united into 5 bundles opposite the petals. Ovary inferior, 1–multi-locular, with 1–many ovules per loculus; placentas axile, basal or rarely parietal; style simple, usually capitate. Fruit a capsule nut or berry, rarely a schizocarp. 150 gen., trop to warm temp., particularly S. America and Australia .