Rhodomyrtus ( )

13 species in Aust.; (12 endemic, 1 native) Qld, NSW

Rhodomyrtus psidioides (G.Don) Benth.

Shrub or small tree with pubescent young branches. Leaves opposite, glabrous, lanceolate to oblong, up to 12 cm long, shortly acuminate, entire. Flowers c. 10 mm diam., solitary or arranged in axillary cymes. Floral tube pubescent, not longer than the ovary. Sepals usually 5, ovate to deltoid, persistent. Petals usually 5, white to pale pink. Stamens numerous, free, arranged in several whorls. Ovary apparently multilocular due to the ingrowth of false-septa; ovules numerous, arranged in 6 rows on axile placentas. Fruit a berry, ovoid-globular. Coast from Gosford northwards. RF. Fl. spring–summer. Native Guava