Senecio distalilobatus I.Thomps.

Involucre with 7–10 bracts, rarely 12. Leaves narrow-oblong to narrow-elliptic, 6–12 cm long, 2.5–4 cm wide, teeth or lobes more developed towards top of leaf; base attenuate to auriculate. Upper leaves narrowly elliptic and widest away from the auricle. Heads numerous in terminal corymbs. Involucre 5–7 mm long. Florets 12–20. Fruiting heads 2 mm diam., involucre bracts reflexed. Cypsela 2–2.5 mm long. Pappus 5–6 mm long. Erect herb to 1.5 m high. Higher Blue Mts Forests over altitudes of 800 m. Fl. summer–autumn