*Senecio jacobaea L.

Cypselas of ray florets glabrous, cypselas of disc florets with rows of short appressed hairs. Pappus of the ray florets deciduous. Plants biennial with basal rosette of leaves in first year. Lower leaves pinnatifid to lyrate, with ragged irregular lobes, mostly 6–12 cm long. Involucral bracts 5–6 mm long, c. 13. Heads in a terminal corymb. Involucre campanulate, 5–7 mm diam. Ray florets 12–15; ligules 6–10 mm long. Cypselas c. 2 mm long. Pappus 5–6 mm long. Perennial, rhizomatous, glabrescent herb up to 1 m high. Bowral district. Weed of pastures and waste places. Introd. from Europe. Fl. autumn. Ragwort