Sporadanthus F.Muell.

6 species in Aust.; Qld, NSW, Vic., Tas., WA

Sporadanthus gracilis (R.Br.) B.G.Briggs & L.A.S.Johnson

Perennial monoecious or dioecious herb with creeping rhizome culms 30–150 cm high. Male and female flowers similar, arranged in sparse terminal panicles. Inflorescence bracts inconspicuous soon falling. Outer tepals shorter than inner not exceeding 2.3 mm long, inner tepals to 207 mm long. Ovary 3-angled , 3-locular; stylar branches 3. Fruit a capsule 1.7-3.5 mm long opening at the angles. Grows in wet groud in open. Widespread