Tetratheca Sm.

Black-eyed Susan’s

40 species endemic Aust.; all states and territories except NT

Small shrubs with terete, angled or winged branches. Leaves linear to ovate-elliptic or reduced to scales, usually opposite or whorled; stipules absent. Flowers regular, bisexual, solitary, on filiform pedicels in the axils of the upper leaves, 4-merous. Petals dark purple to pink or rarely white, involute around paired stamens in the bud. Stamens 8, hypogynous; anthers erect, quadrangular, dehiscing by terminal pores. Ovary superior, compressed, 2-locular, with axile placentas; ovules 1–2 per loculus, pendulous. Fruit a compressed capsule opening loculicidally.