Themeda Forssk.

5 species in Aust. (3 native, 2 naturalized); all states and territories

Themeda australis (R.Br.) Stapf

Spikelets clustered in groups of usually 5–7, of which 1 is bisexual and the others male or neuter. Glumes of the bisexual spikelet rigid, 1 cm long, enclosing a sterile lemma and the bisexual floret; lemma entirely awn-like 4–6 cm long; palea minute; lodicules cuneate. Male and neuter florets 1 cm long, enclosed in shortly (less than 1mm) awned glumes. Clusters of spikelets in groups of 2–5, subtended by a sheathing bract so that the cluster resembles a single spikelet; compound clusters solitary or 2–3 together, each on a peduncle 3–5 cm long arising from a leaf axil. Inflorescence a panicle. Erect, glabrous perennial often more than 1 m high. Leaf blades up to 25 cm long and 4 mm wide; ligule ciliate, less than 1 mm long. Stems leaves and glumes tinged with brown and purple. Widespread. Open forests, grasslands, sand dunes. Fl. spring–summer. Kangaroo Grass