Tritonia Ker Gawl.

3 species naturalized Aust.; NSW, Vic., Tas., S.A., WA

Tritonia lineata (Salisb.) Ker Gawl.

Erect, perennial herb with corms. Leaves linear, basal, up to 30 cm long, c. 15 mm wide. Flowers irregular, in spikes with membranous to scarious spathes. Perianth segments cream with dark veins, subequal, connate into a curved cylindrical tube c. 13 mm long; lobes c. 15 mm long. Stamens arranged onto the upper side of the flower, exserted. Stylar branches entire, filiform or very slightly dilated. Capsule oblong, with many seeds. Garden escape in waste ground near habitation. Introd. from S. Africa. Fl. summer