Picris L.

Cypsela narrowing gradually into the beak. Leaf hairs 2-fid Picris
Outer involucral bracts almost as long as or at least 2/3 the length of longest inner bracts; in 2–4 rows; straight to spreading or recurved but becoming straight towards inner rows. Peduncles 1–6 cm long, sparingly to densely hairy with short 2 hooked hairs 0.3–0.6 mm long. Peduncle bracts 0–3 near head. Heads with 30 to 40 florets; corolla 9–13 mm long. Annual 50–120 cm high. DSF & RF. Hunter Valley. Uncommon. Fl. spring–summer Picris burbidgei
Outer involucral bracts usually shorter than longest inner bract by 1/3 or more; in 2–3 row; straight and appressed or outer rows spreading slightly. Peduncles 1–20 cm long, glabrous to densely hairy with 2 hooked hairs and a few 2-fid hairs, 3 hooked hairs sometimes present; hairs 0.5–2 mm long. Peduncle bracts 0–6 near head or rarely spread further apar.t Heads with 20–60 florets; corolla 10–17 mm long. Annual or perennial 7–140 cm high