Sticherus C.Presl

Minor veinlets of the segments once forked, rarely the lowest pair twice or thrice forked. Rhizome clothed with scales. Sporangia 1–6 (mostly 4) in each sorus. Nodes devoid of accessory pinnae. Spores bilateral Sticherus
Primary axes without pinnules. Pinnules serrate almost to the base, acutely angled to the axes, pale green or slightly glaucous beneath, glabrous or clothed on the lower surface with stellately branched hairs and scales. Plants 0.3–1m high. Widespread. In moist gullies; open forests on hillsides or along creeks at the edge of RF. Umbrella Fern Sticherus flabellatusflabellatus
Primary axes with simple or lobed pinnules. Pinnules entire or bluntly and crenately lobed, glaucous beneath