Alania Endl.

1 species endemic Aust.; NSW

Alania endlicheri Kunth

Perennial herb with branching stems woody at the base, roots fibrous. Leaves dense, linear-filiform, up to 12 cm long, 0.5 mm wide, with broadened scarious bases. Inflorescences umbellate when mature, on slender peduncles. Flowers subtended by scarious bracts, with slender pedicels. Perianth segments 6, cream, free, c. 3 mm long, scarious, persistent but not spirally twisted after flowering. Stamens 6, free, with filiform filaments. Ovary 3-locular; ovules several per loculus. Fruit a globular capsule. Blue Mts; Hornsby Plateau. Gullies on moist rocks. Fl. summer